Watch Our for These Top Car Scams

Nothing is safe nowadays. Whatever you are trying to do, there are people out there who will try to one-up you. With the proliferation of many items being sold on the Internet, scammers and fraudsters have found another avenue to deceive people with their evil deeds. This is especially true in the auto industry. Many so-called agents will try to take your hard-earned cash with sweet talk and misleading information. There are many of them on the Internet but if you will equip yourself with the proper knowledge, you will be able to identify these scams and protect yourself from any harm that they might cause you. In this article, we list the most common scams that you might encounter so that you can avoid them in the future.


Look out For Hidden Charges


Car dealers will try to lure you in with the lowest deals and cheap prices, and this is very common among almost all car dealership providers. However, what you do not know is that there are hidden charges that will come up when you are about to pay for the car. Watch out for these because this can accumulate and you will end up paying more for the car that you want.


Upgrades and Add-Ons


There are numerous add-ons and upgrades that your dealer will offer you to “help you maximize your new car.” But, most of the time, these add-ons are usually useless and redundant so it is best if you research more about the upgrades that they are offering before taking the bait.


Rebates and Promos


When you buy a new car, there are various rebates and promos that the manufacturers give to new car owners. How many of us are actually aware that they have these kinds of bonuses? Probably not too many. That is why dealers get away with taking these rebates because the unsuspecting customers do not know anything about them. Check on your car manufacturer to learn the things that they give for free when you buy a new car.


Do not become a victim and be aware of the schemes that dealers do to take advantage of you. Check out these tips to learn more about the scams that are common in the auto industry and to help protect yourself.


The Future of Electric Cars

Whether you like it or not, the world will come to a point wherein the automobile industry will make a complete shift from conventional gas-powered cars to electric ones which are powered by rechargeable batteries. With the environmental impact that producing and running cars have, the world is looking for alternative ways to transport people and things to different locations without having to rely too much on converting natural resources. As such, electric cars would be the perfect alternative to common cars since they leave less footprint than their gas-powered counterparts.


However, the burning question that everyone has in their mind is if electric cars are a viable option and if they can ever replace the conventional cars when it comes to the convenience that they provide. During the past few years, the technology in developing electric cars are already in a state that can be considered more advanced than conventional cars. In the UK, electric cars are already starting to replace gas-powered ones. These cars are becoming more popular as major automobile manufacturers are offering more choices for consumers. As prices of electric cars are becoming cheaper and the options are wider, the market for electric cars are going bigger and it will not be too long before the whole world will jump into the bandwagon.


The Future is Here to Stay


There is a projection that by 2025, electric cars will see a significant increase in demand, and it is also predicted that in 5 years more there the emissions caused by cars will be cut in half. There is so much that electric cars can offer that manufacturers are investing their time and effort in producing cars that will appeal to the public. Futuristic cars that are battery-powered and feature advanced auto technology are coming our way in a few years, and the future of the automobile industry has never been this bright and exciting.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an RV

Recreational vehicles are all fun and nice while you are out of the country cruising to your summer destination with your family. Having an RV seems great especially if you think that you do not have to worry about accommodation when you hit the road. However, is buying an RV really necessary?


There are numerous benefits of owning an RV especially if you and your family is the type who usually go on vacation trips multiple times every year. But. does the cost of owning an RV outweighs the benefits that you will get from it? We all know that RVs are expensive and can be one of the most costly investments that you will ever have in your life, so it is wise to think twice or even thrice before jumping on the bandwagon and purchase the vehicle for your family. While it doubles as a mini-house that you can actually live on, RVs are not actually worth the hassle especially if you are low on funds because it is expensive and the cost of maintaining it will also reach ceiling high. So, if you are spending your life savings just to get the dream RV that you want, you have to think again.


Another downside of relying on an RV during your trips is that if you have medical conditions, chances are you will have a hard time driving RVs because there is a lot of work involved in maintaining and driving this kind of vehicle than you are thinking of. Aside from that, there is also a lot of work that you need to do in order for you to use the vehicle to its full capacity. You have to do a great deal of loading and unloading during your trips, maintaining and repairing such a huge vehicle will be a burden, and you have to use the RV to a long distance just to justify the use of it. If you think that owning an RV is as easy as playing free puzzle games, you are wrong because there is so much to it than just buying the vehicle and using it in your camping and vacation.


The Alternate Way: Rent an RV


If you really have to use an RV during your trip, then we will not deny you the joy of using one. We, however, suggest that you just rent an RV instead of buying one. This way, you will get to experience the vehicle first before actually spending your hard-earned money on something that might not give you satisfaction in the long run.

7 Reasons Why Pickup Trucks are Better Than Cars

7 Reasons Why Pickup Trucks are Better than Cars

Have you been thinking about buying a new vehicle? Have you considered buying a pickup truck? Perhaps you should consider the advantages of owning one. Everyone should own a pickup truck once in their lifetime. Below are seven good reasons why you should consider buying one!

1. A pickup is practical. It will become a great place for your dog, and your tools if you happen to work in landscaping, construction or a similar profession. Late model pickups are equipped with navigation systems and the internet, so it will be very convenient for you to keep in touch with suppliers, customers, and co-workers.

2. A pickup is handy. You never know when a family member or a friend will ask you for help in picking up a sofa or a large screen tv. Right there you are saving money on a delivery fee or leasing a rental for the day. Load your purchases into your truck, and you’re on your way! You don’t want to smash or hit anything because your automobile is too small or cramped for the items!

3. A pickup is a good reason for socializing! Friends and family are always grateful when you have helped them move something. An invite for pizza and a beer are always on the agenda after you have helped someone out with your pickup truck!

4. A pickup is comfortable. The cab of a pickup is roomy and cozy all at the same time. If you happen to be dating, the drive-in is a great place to go with your pickup. Pull down the back of the pick-up, set your chairs in the rear and you are set-up for a nice evening at the drive-in!

5. A pickup could be transformed into a van. With the addition of a camper shell, a pickup may become your home away from home for a weekend of hunting or fishing. You are looking at significant savings on a hotel bill. A pickup goes where cars do not.

6. A pickup can be filled with mulch, gravel or topsoil if you are going to be cleaning up your property for spring. Additionally, it may be full of hay for an off-the-road hayride.

7. Lastly, Pickup trucks are great for towing! A fifth-wheel trailer hitch mounts right into the bed of a pickup truck. Obviously, it’s a much stronger connection than towing with a car. Also, there is greater stability towing with a pickup truck.

How to Clean Your Car’s Interior?

How to Clean Your Car's Interior?

Many people take their vehicle to an auto detailing shop and spend hundreds of dollars to have the interior of the vehicle cleaned. It is not necessary to spend that kind of money to get your vehicle cleaned. If you have the time, you can do it yourself.

Necessary Equipment
Before you begin cleaning your interior, you should gather all of the necessary equipment.
1. Vacuum cleaner with hose and attachments
2. Extension cord if your electrical outlet is too far from the vehicle
3. Water hose (if you have plastic floor mats)
4. Paper towels
5. Window cleaner
6. Vinyl cleaner
7. Lint-free rags

Prepare the Vehicle

Start by removing any of your belongings from the vehicle, and set them aside. Remove all of the trash from your vehicle. Be sure to remove even small pieces of trash, as you do not want them to clog the hose on the vacuum cleaner. Next, take out the floor mats and set them aside.


Begin by vacuuming the floorboards, under the seats, around the petals, the rear deck, top of the dashboard and the seats. When you are vacuuming the seats, dashboard, and the rear deck, you should use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. To get in between the seats and around the trim, use the crevice tool. To be sure that you remove any food, dirt, or debris from the space between the seat and the back, you should stick the crevice tool inside.

Cleaning the Mats

If you have carpet mats, beat the dirt off the mat on the ground. Next, vacuum the mat. If you have plastic mats, use a garden hose to remove any dirt and grime from them. Be sure to let them dry before you place them back in the car.

Cleaning the Vehicle’s Surfaces

Spray a vinyl cleaner on a dry rag. Wipe down the surfaces, starting at the top and work your way down, then do the rear of the vehicle. When the cloth begins to get dirty, switch to a clean rag. You do not want to clean your surfaces with dirt from other areas of the vehicle. Be sure to get in the small spaces between the emergency brake, the gear shifts, and in the heating vents. When you have cleaned the surfaces, use a lint free cloth and buff the surfaces that you just cleaned. This will give the inside of the vehicle a nice shine.

Cleaning the Windows

Spray a window cleaner which is safe for tinted windows on a clean rag. Using a circular motion, do one window at a time. Be sure to get all of the dirt off the windows. When you have removed all of the dirt and oils from the windows, you can buff the windows with a dry newspaper or paper towels. Buff until all the streaks are gone. If are having trouble getting the streaks off the window when buffing, chances are there is still dirt or oil on the window. Wash the area again with window cleaner, and buff the streaks out. When you have finished the windows, you can do the rear view mirror, the visor mirrors, and the side view mirrors. You can even use a glue or a 3D Pixel Gun to stick a moving figurine to automatically remove lint for you!When you have finished cleaning your car, you can put your belongings back inside, and think of all of the money that you saved by doing it yourself.

How to Change Your Car’s Air Filter?

How to Change Car's Air Filter

Simple Steps on How To Change A Car’s Air Filter

Changing the air filter is a simple process that will benefit your car in several ways. A clean air filter will ensure that the engine is not working harder than it needs to. This will reduce excess wear on all the components of the engine. Secondly, a clean air filter will help to improve your fuel efficiency and save you money at the pumps each month. For these reasons and more, here are some simple steps on how to change a car’s air filter easily.

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Will Driverless Vehicles Be Smarter Than You?

Will Driverless Cars be Smarter than you?

Cars have been improving ever since they were created, but up until recently they were merely tools for the drivers. Anti-lock brakes were one of the first improvements that took something a human driver could already do and turn it into an automatic safety feature that was actually more effective. These days we have cameras on our vehicles to fill out blind spots, ultrasonic sensors that can detect if a low-speed collision is about to occur, and even rain-sensing wipers. However, in the future, we can expect to see The Jetsons reality of self-driving cars come to reality for everyone.

Already self-driving cars exist. DARPA is largely responsible for kicking off the whole tech race when they held the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004 which pitted fifteen teams against one and other. While no vehicles finished this first challenge, DARPA continued to push the envelope and announced the second Grand Challenge in 2005 where fortunately five vehicles completed the course with no human intervention. Since then self-driving cars have only been improving.

Google is probably the best known in the field today although it is far from the only company trying to develop a viable and safe self-driving car. In fact, the Google car has already managed well over five hundred thousand miles without an accident, even while driving on roads with other human drivers. Lockheed Martin has also been developing driverless vehicles for use by the military, presumably to reduce the risk to soldiers in an exposed cabin. Jake sure could use some of that prowess in Subway Surfers, isn’t it?

The way driverless cars work is really a marvel. They are largely a souped-up version of the ultrasonic sensors that can help you avoid fender benders. Every driverless car is covered in cameras to eliminate blind spots a human would have. Most self-driving vehicles also have a LIDAR dome on top which uses light closer to the visible spectrum to determine the ranges and speeds of objects near to the vehicle. The LIDAR system is so good that it can detect whether an object on the side of the road is a human, deer, or just a rock, and make a determination whether it is a potential danger. The vehicles also have an extremely accurate GPS system and up-to-date maps in order to locate its rough location and map out a route to the destination. All of these sensors are managed by an incredibly advanced software suite which allows the car to combine all of its sensor data and get a location that is accurate down to inches. The driverless cars being tested now are so precisely accurate that they can take a legally blind man to Taco Bell, pick up his dry cleaning and drive him back home without the help of anyone else.

Now all these advancements wouldn’t mean much if it was illegal to use these marvels of the future, but legislatures around the country are considering how to handle driverless vehicles. California, Nevada, Michigan, and Florida already allow driverless vehicles on the public roads for testing purposes. Texas is strongly considering a similar law. The concern with vehicles which drive themselves is who, if anyone, is at fault in the event of a collision. If a driverless vehicle’s computer freezes and stops responding is the person in the driver seat at fault, or is the car company at fault?

On the other hand driverless vehicles present the possibility of ensuring the rules of the road are followed. Cars that can communicate with one and other can detect an upcoming red light and make sure to stop with plenty of time, even in snowy or rainy conditions. A driverless car can be told about an approaching ambulance or police car with its sirens on and pull over. And, of course, the driverless car can prevent sleepy or drunk drivers from endangering others while on the road. They may even get to the point where they could override a drunk driver trying to drive when it detects erratic behavior.

All of these advancements will hopefully pan out in the future making everyday cars smarter and safer than drivers are today. Really, driverless cars are the future and have the opportunity to save thousands of lives every year.

Best Vintage Motorcar Collection | Where to Buy Them

Best Vintage Car Collection

Do you attempt to purchase one of these seven vintage vehicles…?

If interested in investing in a vintage automobile, one may want to consider a vehicle from the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970’s. Examples of vehicles sought after include a 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air, 1954 Mercury Monterey, 1957 Chevrolet 150, 1960 Chevrolet Impala, 1962 Chevrolet Corvette, 1963 Ford Thunderbird, and 1974 Plymouth Barracuda. Beginning with the Bel Air, one has the option of a two door hardtop, coupe or convertible, and a four door sedan. Chevrolet produced the Bel Air from 1949 through 1954. The cost of the vehicle was $1,741. In 1953, the Bel Air added a one piece curved windshield, and the opportunity to add power steering. The Bel Air is identified by the wide chrome strip of molding that runs from the fender to fender. The Bel Air went from zero to 60 miles per hour in 15 seconds, and reaches a maximum speed of 90 miles per hour. That’s a far cry from Johnson’s crazy drive in Mobile Legends, at crazy high speeds!

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