How to Clean Your Car’s Interior?

How to Clean Your Car's Interior?

Many people take their vehicle to an auto detailing shop and spend hundreds of dollars to have the interior of the vehicle cleaned. It is not necessary to spend that kind of money to get your vehicle cleaned. If you have the time, you can do it yourself.

Necessary Equipment
Before you begin cleaning your interior, you should gather all of the necessary equipment.
1. Vacuum cleaner with hose and attachments
2. Extension cord if your electrical outlet is too far from the vehicle
3. Water hose (if you have plastic floor mats)
4. Paper towels
5. Window cleaner
6. Vinyl cleaner
7. Lint-free rags

Prepare the Vehicle

Start by removing any of your belongings from the vehicle, and set them aside. Remove all of the trash from your vehicle. Be sure to remove even small pieces of trash, as you do not want them to clog the hose on the vacuum cleaner. Next, take out the floor mats and set them aside.


Begin by vacuuming the floorboards, under the seats, around the petals, the rear deck, top of the dashboard and the seats. When you are vacuuming the seats, dashboard, and the rear deck, you should use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. To get in between the seats and around the trim, use the crevice tool. To be sure that you remove any food, dirt, or debris from the space between the seat and the back, you should stick the crevice tool inside.

Cleaning the Mats

If you have carpet mats, beat the dirt off the mat on the ground. Next, vacuum the mat. If you have plastic mats, use a garden hose to remove any dirt and grime from them. Be sure to let them dry before you place them back in the car.

Cleaning the Vehicle’s Surfaces

Spray a vinyl cleaner on a dry rag. Wipe down the surfaces, starting at the top and work your way down, then do the rear of the vehicle. When the cloth begins to get dirty, switch to a clean rag. You do not want to clean your surfaces with dirt from other areas of the vehicle. Be sure to get in the small spaces between the emergency brake, the gear shifts, and in the heating vents. When you have cleaned the surfaces, use a lint free cloth and buff the surfaces that you just cleaned. This will give the inside of the vehicle a nice shine.

Cleaning the Windows

Spray a window cleaner which is safe for tinted windows on a clean rag. Using a circular motion, do one window at a time. Be sure to get all of the dirt off the windows. When you have removed all of the dirt and oils from the windows, you can buff the windows with a dry newspaper or paper towels. Buff until all the streaks are gone. If are having trouble getting the streaks off the window when buffing, chances are there is still dirt or oil on the window. Wash the area again with window cleaner, and buff the streaks out. When you have finished the windows, you can do the rear view mirror, the visor mirrors, and the side view mirrors. You can even use a glue or a 3D Pixel Gun to stick a moving figurine to automatically remove lint for you!When you have finished cleaning your car, you can put your belongings back inside, and think of all of the money that you saved by doing it yourself.

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