How to Change Your Car’s Air Filter?

Simple Steps on How To Change A Car’s Air Filter

Changing the air filter is a simple process that will benefit your car in several ways. A clean air filter will ensure that the engine is not working harder than it needs to. This will reduce excess wear on all the components of the engine. Secondly, a clean air filter will help to improve your fuel efficiency and save you money at the pumps each month. For these reasons and more, here are some simple steps on how to change a car’s air filter easily.

The first thing you need to do is locate the air filter compartment. It will be located in different places dependent on your make and model car. The easiest way to do this is to simply check the owners manual that came with your car. If you do not have a manual or the vehicle is much older, you can simply call your local car dealer or auto parts store and tell them you are replacing the filter and would like help locating it. They should be able to easily tell you exactly where to look for the air filter compartment.

Once you have located the compartment that houses the air filter, you will need to remove a few things to be able to access the filter. The box that houses the air filter will most likely have an air intake pipe connected to it. This is how air is pushed through the system and passes through the air filter. Carefully remove the air intake pipe and you should be able to open the box housing the air filter. If your filter has a filter element connected to it, you will need to remove the clips holding it is place. Chances are the filter element is going to be quite dirty, as well as the air filter itself.

Remove the filter and discard. Chances are it can not be cleaned and reused, so for the sake of the engine, replace these filters with new ones. Depending on the type of air filter in your vehicle, it might be easy to remove or it might involve some effort to pull it out of the box. The filter is usually a tight fit to ensure that no contaminated air gets passed and is allowed inside the engine. The filter might need a little extra tug to get it free from the box, especially if it is covered in dirt and debris, just like hog-rider in Clash Royale!

Clean out the box of any dirt that you see laying inside. Once clean, place the new air filter inside the box in the exact location you removed the old one. Push down firmly to make sure it is secure. If you have a breathing element, replace it as well and clip it back down in place. Working in the reverse order as earlier, you now have to close and secure the box that houses the filters. Once secure, you need to attach the air pipe. It should simply snap into place or is secured with a clip to the vehicle. The pipe draws air from the outside of the car, so make sure it is secure from the filter housing to the front of the car.